Michael Francett Adirondack Prints Photography

Adirondack Mountain Winter - Michael Francett Adirondack Prints Photography
Adirondack Mountain Winter – Michael Francett Adirondack Prints Photography

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Although Adirondack Prints Photography, and Landscape photography is my passion, I enjoy all types of photography including corporate events and documentation services, portraits, special events, and Adirondack Weddings upon request. Please inquire for an initial consultation to discuss how we can make your special moments lasting and unforgettable.

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Mission Statement

Serving the Adirondack region of New York State, Michal Francett Photography Uses tried and true as well as modern methods and techniques, combined with state of the art equipment, in the hands of skilled artists, in order to provide you with the best service possible. We believe that any job done properly must be done with both skill and a sense of pride. I personally will not allow anything less from myself or any of my associates and sincerely hope this reflects in our work. We hope you enjoy seeing the work we have done and look forward to collaborating with you soon!

Michael Francett Adirondack Prints Photography
Michael Francett Adirondack Prints Photography

Michael began his exploration and adventures in the Adirondack Park at the age of 8 with an accent of New York States’ highest peak Mt. Marcy. He has climbed, skied and hiked in his home range ever since. From his digital studio in Queensbury, NY, just outside of the Adirondack Park boundary, he continues to explore and photograph the wild and special places that are world renowned for their natural beauty and rugged landscapes.

“My approach to Adirondack photography is based on my belief that through image capture I can document, and present in images the special ecology of the Adirondack Park and further promote the continued need for protection and preservation. I am truly passionate in the mission to communicate the visual beauty of the natural world and hope that viewers of my work will come to appreciate the complexities of this planet and help to preserve it.  Nature offers infinite views and changing light, my challenge is finding that special scene and combining all natural elements to create an image that I want to share. Though the camera is definitely not the most important element in a pleasing photograph, my current tool of choice is the Nikon D810 with a sturdy tripod, it provides me a flexible system, high resolution digital files that are capable of large print sizes. Even though wide angle lenses can produce a dramatic effect, I prefer the more natural perspective of fixed focal length primes lenses in the 35-85mm range, my favorite being the Tamron 45mm f1.8, it gives me sharp detailed images paired to the Nikon D810. More important than the tools used to create is my desire and passion to continue exploring the great wilderness called The Adirondacks and bring back Adirondack photography that evokes the sensory experience that this special corner of the world has to offer”.

Wedding Photography Available Upon Request.
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